Partner Institutions

CHSE works with a variety of higher education institutions and aid organizations to fulfill its mission of training the willing and serving our global community.

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Becoming a Participant


Our participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds: from emergency and disaster management students, to humanitarian practitioners, to healthcare workers, nursing students, former military, and even engineers. They are as diverse as the humanitarian field itself. CHSE offers three training exercises annually, and we encourage anyone interested to sign up. 

2019 Florida Hope Participant Applications Closed

Becoming A Staff Member


The majority of our staff members have first been participants in one or more of our training exercises. Their experience as a participant helped them in their professional pursuits, and now they are returning the favor to others. If you have been a participant previously, you are welcome to apply as staff for a future exercise. CHSE is staffed with subject matter experts and experienced practitioners to ensure our trainings are practical, effective, evidence-based, and teach the best practices in humanitarian and disaster response. 

2019 Florida Hope Staff Applications Closed